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Plan Details

What You Need to Pay
For your Domestic Help
AED 570
In case your Domestic Helper earns more than AED 4,000, please refer to the price grid below.
For Employees and their Dependents
If you earn less than AED 4,000
AED 570

If you earn more than AED 4,000

0 - 171658151716581517
18 - 401117292711172927
41 - 592524291125242911
60 - 655275527552755275
66 - 705755575557555755
71 - 757317731773177317
76 - 808776877687768776
81 - 8510527105271052710527
What We Cover
Annual Benefit LimitAED 150,000
Geographical ScopeUAE 
In Abu Dhabi, on emergency only.
Co-insurance20% for in-patient, laboratory & out-patient services
30% for pharmacy
0% for emergency
Direct Billing NetworkSubject to ongoing changes. Available online at  
Over 500 hospitals / clinics and 1,400 pharmacies.
Pre-existing & Chronic conditionsWaiting period of 6 months.
Waiting period does not apply for members who were previously insured, subject to proof of previous medical insurance cover.
MaternityNormal Delivery: AED 10,000
Medically necessary C-Section, abortion and other maternity complications: AED 10,000 
10% co-insurance applicable on all services. 
Maternity complications, if leading to emergency, are covered up to the annual limit. Waiting period on pre-existing condition does not apply to maternity.
What We Don’t Cover
  • Healthcare services which are not medically necessary.
  • All expenses relating to dental treatment, dental prostheses, and orthodontic treatments.
  • Healthcare services that are not performed by Authorized Healthcare Service Providers.
  • Health services and supplies for smoking cessation programs and the treatment of nicotine addiction.
  • Costs associated with hearing tests, vision corrections, prosthetic devices or hearing and vision aids.
  • Mental Health diseases, both out-patient and in-patient treatments, unless it is an emergency condition.
  • Healthcare services and treatments by acupuncture, acupressure, hypnotism, massage therapy, aromatherapy, ozone therapy, homeopathic treatments, and all forms of treatment by alternative medicine.
Please click here to download our complete list of Covers and Exclusions.

We will be updating member data on DHA portal within 24 hours of policy issuance or member addition to facilitate visa issuance and renewal. Kindly provide all mandatory information as per the visa to avoid any rejections from General Directorate Of Residency And Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA)